EMC (Electronic Message Centers)

Digital displays allow you to show text, graphics and even videos. These displays are bright, dynamic, eye-catching and are perfect for attracting attention, promoting purchases or announcing events.  As a Watchfire Authorized Dealer, we provide our clients with the most technologically advanced and reliable displays in the market.  Watchfire has the experience and expertise to put the most powerful advertising tool in the market to work for you. Retailers, Schools and Churches are rethinking outdoor digital signage as a cost effective, high Return on Investment (ROI) advertising medium, because it can deliver just the right message at the right time to the right audience – easily and digitally. Watchfire has one of the most advanced software packages in the market.  With it you’ll be able to create messages that provide a powerful advertising impact in a matter of minutes. Every Watchfire display comes with an entire free library of animations and still images to create just the right message for your business.  Their Ignite software offers convenient scheduling and content management options which are now cloud based for your convenience. This provides quick updates as they become available for their library, data feed integration and advanced diagnostics.